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Through Time
released 2013

engineered and mixed by Aj

Let me start by saying I hope this is known as the FIRST animated-moving album art. As we keep our music in virtual space we need to improve the presentation as technology permits. Video/Animated covers are the future.
This album was an adventure back into recording live instruments and mixing it with samples, lot's of samples! I never worked with sample based music in the past so I wanted to dive in and take it up a level. I thought it would be cool to sample cartoons, video games and movies I love from when I was a kid to now. That's where the name comes from. The name is also based on the idea that you collect these sounds and they stay with you from birth to death and the cycle continues forever. Through Time is about layered sounds that come from my memories. Serious and silly, and hopefully it makes you rock out.

1. Age Imprints
2. Shall We Begin
3. For Milo
4. I Want To Be That Music Bumpin' in Your Car
5. Positive ABBAtude
6. Flowers
7. Not Far Away
8. New Pledge
9. Judged
10. Sleep For 32 Days
11. Bos VS Mil
12. That Top Gun Song

Cover art / animation by Mel Roach !

Special guests:
Joe Carella
Eduardo Hi-q Francisco
Satchel Dennis
Dave Howard
Tarik Jackson
Mel Roach
Plus! Nova and Milo Pyatak

oh look cover


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