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Saloon & Scarlet Vice
released 2011

engineered and mixed by Aj

Saloon and Scarlet Vice started as a strange mixture of audio interview and musical interlude. Then it became some weird space comedy... and then it settled down into this bizarre, no dialogue, radio show about me, a literal space cowboy, versus the devil. Inside the story I kill the devil and realize I'm kinda sad about it. Maybe he made me laugh or something. So I call on my musical heros of pop music to deliver me a solution. As they say in the biz, chaos ensues.

1. Darker Days
2. Money
3. Paper Counterpart
4. Frustation
5. Left Behind
6. Social Experiments
7. Time Machine
8. Little Mermaid
9. The Future
10. Hey Dude, It's a Mantra

Cover art by Aj

Special guests:
track 1. Jacci Zell, and William Burgess - future saloon patrons
track 2. Jim Diaotte - vocals, vibraphone
track 8. John Hogan - guitar

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