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Sounds That Reached The Desert
recorded 2000

recorded by Aj

This album was also written during a road trip, this time across the country. My sister was moving from the west coast to the east coast, so I agreed to drive her car across, arming myself with a guitar and a mini tape recorder. You'll here little snippets of my ranting, it got a little strange just being by myself in a car for so long. I recorded demos along the way, and when I got back home, NJ at the time, I recorded the full versions on four track. Ahh four tracks of pure tape awesomeness.

1. Intro
2. Split Up With Advice
3. The Texas Locals
4. Sides With Attention
5. Three Day Band
6. Actors Among Us
7. Nothing To Hide
8. The Send
9. Sounds That Reached The Desert

Cover painting by April Ward

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