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Songs to Hover By
released 2014

engineered and mixed by Aj

The future is riddled with overly proud, optimistic hippies. You need to duck away for a moment to think. You're in your Hover Car so you turn on your "retro" AM/FM hover car radio and this album is what blesses your ears. You feel whole again... some people are cool.

1. Start Hovering
2. Seen it
3. A Unique Offer
4. Spellbinder Ignite
5. The Late Late Show
6. Inside Planet
7. Daves Towel and Bath Mat
8. Move on My Soul
9. Conspiracy Theory
10. Keep Hovering
11. Packer Bros.
12. Golden Daze
13. Chillin' at Downton
14. Cast and Crew

Special guests:
John Hogan
Joe Carella
Satchel Dennis
Ryan Palmieri

Cover art by Nova and Aj

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