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A Planned Escape
released 2005 (remastered 2008)

recorded by Aj

Well... Things weren't working out the way I had planned so I decided to write some music about it. One really cool thing that happened to me during this time was my discovery of the ukulele! I heard this cute little sound that was so happy, and said, "My that would sound nice with some really depressing lyrics accompanying it." My uke is now my weapon of choice when it's time to write songs. When listening back to it recently, 2008, I thought it didn't sound that good. I was getting better at mixing so I decided to remaster it. It came out... interesting. Check the CD-Baby version if you're into the real deep cut experience. The song "A Planned Escape" appears in this crazy indie Bike movie called B.I.K.E.
I knew the editor.

1. Ships Going Down
2. Drunk Charades
3. The One Who Said It First
4. Everybody Wants
5. Silent Song
6. Let Me Down
7. Harder Than Usual
8. No Man Dies Alone
9. Listen When You Die
10. A Planned Escape

Cover art by Aj

Special guests:
track 5. Jim Diotte - drums

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