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Luck or Fate
released 2006

recorded by Aj

I was over the bad times and I was exploring the space. The title was this thing that was rattling around in my head a lot at the time. Things were happening in my world and I couldn't decide if it was luck or fate. This is when I met Mr. Bryan Tysinger. He's a genius, and a great guitar player. He brought a ton of new gear into my world, Moog stuff and crazy effects pedals. I also met my wife during this time so I was trying to look cool, mentally and physically. So this is me trying new things.

1. Room 40
2. Shipmates
3. How To Fake A Smile
4. SM Skatepark
5. Send it Back
6. The Sad Goodbye
7. Drink Alone
8. Christmas in California
9. Luck or Fate

Cover art by Aj

Special guests:
track 1. Jason Rabe - bass
track 2. Jason Rabe - bass, vocals
track 6. Bryan Tysinger - guitar efx
track 7. Bryan Tysinger - slide
track 8. Bryan Tysinger - guitars

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