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The Golden State
released 2004

recorded by Aj

This album felt like a breakthrough for me. I just moved to Cali, I was feeling rad, the music was flowing, and I had a studio to work in! It was a cheap frankenstein studio, but it was mine. Trouble Girls is one of the more pop-riffic tracks, and I attribute it to the fact that the original bass line (and title) was written by Jon Schwartz . In fact, I think other then Rick in War, most of these tracks are cool because they've got other people rocking out on them.

1. Trouble Girls
2. My Winter Song
3. Rick In War
4. Happy Movies, Perfect Endings
5. Keep On Going

Cover art by Aj

Special guests:
track 1. Jon Schwartz - bass, Ting Poo - vocals
track 2. Jim Diotte - guitar, drums, Ting Poo - vocals
track 4. Jim Diotte - drums, organs

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