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recorded 1999

recorded by Aj

This was the first "official" cd of music that I started passing out and bragging about. I spent a good amount of time before this writting and recording songs, but keeping them to myself. When I listen back to this one I kind of like it better than some of my recent work, I guess there's just a nice simple feel to the whole thing, a four track, a casio SK5, and an acoustic guitar for the most part. This album was written in part during a road trip to the Florida Keys for New Years 1999. I drove down with three other guys and we broke into skateparks along the way, and caused general hi-jinks. I bought a $10 guitar, and an old cassette recorder from a thrift shop in Georgia and recorded the track "Source" outside in Venice, FL. It was a great trip, and some really cool memories. Track 8 is an old recording of myself when I was nine years old. I found the tape and put it in my four track to record the present day me at the same time.

1. We Are Doubt
2. That's My Scientist
3. Both Hands
4. Left Hand Revisted
5. Source
6. We Are Reassurance
7. 1, 2, 3, and We're High
8. Whining
9. Track Number Nine

Cover photo by Seldon Yuan

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