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released 2012

engineered and mixed by Aj

2012 was crazy. I quit my job of 11 years, my daughter turned 3, and I opened a new business, NOva's ROOM studios. I'm following my dream of being a sound engineer fo reals. G-3 is my first album as an independent soul. An adventure in new sound directions and just a whole heap of fun. This was also my first collaboration with longtime friends Tarik Jackson and Satchel Dennis who you'll find on a bunch of tracks from here out.

1. Fire Alarm
2. A Heart On The Inside
3. Storms Today, Sun Tomorrow
4. Too Many Concepts
5. My Beautiful Life
6. To Your Knees
7. Mechanical Animal
8. Televised
9. A Long Time To Go

Cover art by Aj

Special guests:
Satchel Dennis aka Push Dennis aka Dopeamean
Tarik Jackson aka Reek Speaks
John Hogan
Eric Rubera
Nova Pyatak
Evan Sforza

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