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The Company Pays
released 2007

engineered and mixed by Aj

I made this album after Luck or Fate because I was burnt out with work, and I wanted to make something easy and fun that would fulfill my "album a year rule". I guess it's kind of an unspoken rule with myself, but I've taken it as tradition now. I think my favorite track on this one is Domino Rally, cause Beth Pyatak is a genius on the mic!

1. Silver Lining
2. Homecoming King
3. Opposites Attract
4. Ohio
5. The Truth About Goats
6. Flying Blind
7. Knew a Girl
8. Domino Rally
9. The Money Guy
10. The New Transformers Movie WILL NOT be as Good as the Original Cartoon

Special guests:
track 1. James Diotte - keys and vocals
track 5. and 8. Beth Pyatak - vocals
track 6. Bryan Tysinger - slide guitars

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