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The Cartoon Heart
recorded 2002-03

engineered and mixed
by Aj and Laura Hanna

The Cartoon Heart came right before I left for California. It was kind of a farewell album for New York. You'll see this design repeated in a lot of my other artwork, and it's become somewhat of a personal trademark over the years. I really like the idea that this symbol could be the empty heart or the open heart, a nice way to choose your frame of mind for the day. Plus it reminds me of the Legend of Zelda heart icon. I recorded this album with the help of Laura Hanna who contributed some really cool sounds to the tracks.

1. Keep It Real
2. To My Waiting State
3. The Cartoon Heart
4. Hallway Ghost
5. In The Style Of
6. At The Last Resort (old habits)

Special guests:
track 1. James Diotte - casios, Ron Patane - keyboards
track 2. Greg Brunkalla - vocals
track 3. Adam Neustadter - piano
track 4. James Diotte - space keyboards
track 5. Laura Hanna - rhodes
track 6. Laura Hanna - rhodes

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